DCDC 12/24/160

Model Number: DCDC 12/24/160
Operating Temp. Range: -20C to +75C
Efficiency: 93%
Recommended Input Voltage: 10V - 20V
Standby Current - No Load at 12V in: 140mA
Input Current Limited to: 16 Amps
Input Fuse: 30 Amps
Output Voltage Setpoint (adjustable): 20V - 28V
Output Power Rating: 160 Watts
Output Current: 6.7 Amps, Vout=24V
Output Fuse: 10 Amps
Max Output Ripple: 0.04 Volts, RMS
Switching Frequency: 20,000 Hz

DCDC 12/24/160

$156.00 /each

Using Boost Converter Topology, this step up converter can be used for battery chargers, lamp regulators, UPS power supplies, and fuel cell converters!

  • 100% Tested with Guaranteed Performance
  • Efficiency Exceeding 93%
  • Most Durable Power Conversion Equipment on the Market