DC-DC Step Down Converters

Zahn Electronics Step Down Converters

Zahn Electronics Inc. (ZEI) designs and manufactures a broad line of power electronics including DC/DC Step Down Converters. Zahn Buck Converters are rated up to 400VDC on the input power side. Our systems boast conversion efficiencies exceeding 95%. The output voltage and load current limit can be controlled remotely. Our systems have programmable single direction or bi-directional capabilities. ZEI products can be used as current regulators or voltage regulators or current limiters or voltage limiters. ZEI has the knowledge and experience to assist your team with design, application and integration needs.

Step Down Converters 150W – 300W

Step Down Converters 400W – 2400W

Adjustable Step Down Converters 600W-3600W

Adjustable Step Down Converters 2500W-6500W

Step Down Converters 3000W-16,000W