4 Quadrant Pure DC Servo Amplifiers

Using Full Bridge Topology, and LC filtering on the input and output, these amplifiers can be used in a voltage or current loop. Applications include Servo drives, Servo Amplifiers, Motor Speed Controllers for DC Brush Motors, AGV Traction or Steering Controllers in Electric Vehicles. Full Static Reversing.

4 Quadrant (Bi-Directional) Pure DC Servo Amplifiers

Model Number: Recommended Input Voltage: Output Voltage Range: Continuous Output Current: Peak Output Current: Typical Output Power: Output Voltage Ripple: Switching Frequency:
AD5020 12V to 44V or 10V to 35V 0V to +/- 43V +/-20 Amps +/-30 Amps 720W 0.048V, RMS 125,000Hz
D10010 12V to 80V 0V to +/-79V +/-10 Amps +/-15 Amps 640W 0.096V, RMS 125,000Hz
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