DC-DC Step Up Converters

Zahn Step Up Converters

Zahn Electronics Inc. (ZEI) designs and manufactures a broad line of DC/DC Step Up Converters (Boost Converter) providing power conversion and conditioning for systems from 50Watts to 16kW. Highly durable for tough environments and designed with heavy filtering for reliability. 100% Tested and Guaranteed to meet all specifications.
ZEI switching converters boast efficiencies exceeding 95%, using Boost Converter Topology, and programmable single direction or bi-directional current, ZEI products can be used as current regulators or voltage regulators or current limiters or voltage limiters. Applications include battery chargers, lamp regulators, UPS power supplies, and fuel cell DCDC Converters. Load current limit can be remotely controlled. and Zahn Electronics Inc., has the knowledge and experience to assist with design, application and integration needs. All of our products are designed, manufactured and performance tested in Wisconsin, USA.

Adjustable Step Up Converters

Step Up Converters 50W – 600W

Step Up Converters 600W-2000W

Step Up Converters 2000W – 3500W

Step Up Converters 5000W – 7000W

Step Up Converters 9000W – 15200W