Step Down Converters 600W-3,600W

Zahn Electronics Inc. (ZEI) designs and manufactures a broad line of power electronics including DC/DC Step Down Converters. Our systems boast conversion efficiencies exceeding 95%. The output voltage and load current limit can be controlled remotely. Our systems have programmable single direction or bi-directional capabilities. ZEI products can be used as current regulators or voltage regulators or current limiters or voltage limiters. ZEI has the knowledge and experience to assist your team with design, application and integration needs.

Adjustable Step Down Converters 600W-3600W

Model Number: Input Voltage Range: Output Voltage Range: Continuous Output Current Peak Output Current Typical Output Power Switching Frequency: Link to Datasheet:
DC 6336-S 12V to 63V 0V to 63V 36A 70A 864W 125,000Hz Click Here
DC 6350F-S 12V to 63V 0V to 63V 50A 70A 1600W 125,000Hz Click Here
DC 10026-S 24V to 80V 0V to 79V 26A 48A 1560W 62,500Hz Click Here
DC 10036F-S 24V to 80V 0V to 79V 36A 48A 2160W 62,500Hz Click Here
DC 15026-S 24V to 120V 0V to 119V 26A 48A 2080W 62,500Hz Click Here
DC 15036F-S 24V to 120V 0V to 119V 36A 48A 2880W 62,500Hz Click Here
DC 20015-S 80V to 160V 0V to 159V 15A 24A 1500W 62,500Hz Click Here
DC 20020F-S 80V to 160V 0V to 159V 20A 24A 2000W 62,500Hz Click Here
DC 25013-S 80V to 200V 0V to 199V 13A 24A 1625W 62,500Hz Click Here
DC 25018F-S 80V to 200V 0V to 199V 18A 24A 2250W 62,500Hz Click Here
DC 40005*-S 80V to 320V 0V to 250V 5A 10A 625W 62,500Hz Click Here
SCH 5560-S, LC225 18V to 44V 0V to 43V 90A 180A 1080W 31,250Hz Click Here
SCH 10050-S, LC225 24V to 80V 0V to 79V 80A 160A 960W 31,250Hz Click Here
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